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Henna is a popular way to color or dye hair, which unlike chemical hair dye, is all natural and harmless. Pure henna, which is plant derived can offer you a variety of hair colors. The most common shades are red, mahogany, burgundy and black (indigo). The benefit of henna hair color is that it strengthens the hair, conditions, controls dandruff, protects and leaves hair shiny and manageable. Henna tends to fade more gradually and naturally so it’s the perfect color process to cover gray. Our pure ayurvedic henna powder contains no PPD, preservatives, metallic salts, ammonia or chemicals of any kind. Henna is safe for pregnant women or men and women on medication therapies. We add natural herbs such as amla and shikakai for richer color and shiny, healthier hair. We recommend you perform a strand test before using any henna products on your hair to be sure you like the color and results. Remember, when using natural henna on your hair, your results will vary and be uniquely yours depending on hair type and condition. Our henna colors can be mixed together to enhance and achieve enriched tone and depth of color. For instance, mix black (indigo) with burgundy and achieve a rich dark red/wine color.


  Henna Hair Colors
  henna burgundy henna mahogany
  Burgundy Mahogany
  henna brown henna black
  Brown Black (Indigo)
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