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Kathryn Judd

Kathryn's lineage and interest in hair goes way back to her  Grandad's Barber Shop, where as a child she was wide eyed at the  mystery of cutting hair. Her training began on her dolls, her dog,  even herself. Eventually graduating to friends and family. Alas at 19  it was time for a real education and the thrill of the hair industry  has never stopped.

She received her license by 20 at a blue ribbon Pivot Point  School, worked in the same salon for 15 years. She was Secretary of  the area's Texas Cosmetology Association for 3 years, going on to be  President, allowing her to lobby for by-laws here in Austin, host  Hair Shows,and grow with the industry.

At 29 it was back to College in Houston where Kathryn graduated  with Honors earning an Associate in Arts and Science, along with her  Teaching Certificate For Cosmetology. She enjoyed teaching at San  Jacinto Junior College, then moving to Austin in 1990 she taught at a  private school enjoying that also. Soon fate lent a hand and  introduced her to another aspect of the hairdressing industry.  Product Knowledge and Salon Education.

Kathryn became a Salon Educator for Lanza, a hair care product  company from the West Coast, learning the science and chemistry of  the line and passing this on to salons between Austin and San antonio.

In '91 she met another valued and loved person in her life, Marge  Ruther of Image Makers, the first woman in Austin to use computer  imaging along with hairstyles. They had fun! However needing more  space to grow Marge sat her sites on Marios " The Salon", there Marge  and Kathryn flourished. Until 2007 when Mario decided to semi- retire  and downsize.

Kathryn was led to Jamila Salon & Spa where she finds the peace  and freedom to continue to learn and grow and be the hairdresser that  is in her.



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